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In 1996, Heather Hurst and I, Aaron Fraser, created the Archangels Foundation in order to help eradicate impaired drivers from our streets. Heather lost her father to an impaired driver, while I became a quadriplegic in an impaired driver crash.

Our mission has three basic points:

1) To educate the public via giving talks at a court ordered "Victims Impact Panel" to people arrested or ticketed for a DUI

"Driving Under the Influence" of alchol or drugs. We share our experiences of how we and our families were affected by

the actions of a person causing an accident and about the potential consequences of these irresponsible actions.

Heather and I share our personal stories to people of all ages throughout the greater Metro Phoenix area.

2) We created our non-profit Archangles Foundation to assist police officers that work on the DUI Task Force in the East Valley of the

Phoenix Metro surrounding areas during the year, with extra emphasis over the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

3) We do this work to offer emotional support and financial assistance the Police Officers and to victims of these senseless acts.

Many times the Officers themselves are hit and killed by impaired drivers while they are putting themselves out there to protect the citizens. We have attended too many funerals of fallen Officers, but we are there for their families with our support in anyway possible.

The holiday DUI task force consists of 100's of officers working hard nearly every night to keep our streets safe for our families and friends. They saturate the valley looking for drivers impaired by alcohol and other substances. One of the ways we like to help is by providing a hearty dinner and hot beverages to the Officers working on the Task Forces, that are giving up their holidays so that others are safe to celebrate. Our Foundation solicites donations of food from very generous local restaurants, we purchase drinks, supplies and additional food to set up food stations for the Officers to take a break and have a good meal. We repeat this for almost every Holiday all year long, in the hot Summers for Memorial Day's and the Fourth of July's festivities also.

Everything that Heather and I do, with the help of our friends and others, is on a volunteer basis. 100% of the donations we receive goes towards assisting victims and helping the officers during the nights of the DUI task force.

Will you please help us help others by donating whatever you can afford. Every dollar counts. We're trying to save lives and make a difference in our communities. Thank you so much in advance for your generous donations.

"Drink an drive in and our officers will show you new bars" 

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